About The Elderly Brothers

The Elderly Brothers are a four or five piece function band of experienced musicians who perform music from their era. The band consists a classic 60's line up of three guitars, and drums... augmented by keyboards for that extra dimension. Employing first class music equipment to suit all size venues from smaller club rooms to large music halls, The Elderly Brothers ensure the volume is just right to suit the requirements of your clientele. If you require a function band that provides quality musicianship with smart presentation, then you need look no further than The Elderly Brothers. The band are available for hire all over the South East Counties, in London, Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Sussex, Essex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, Suffolk and Surrey.

Meet The Elderly Brothers

The Elderly Brothers function band play music gigs from Croydon to London and all over the South East. Len is the lead vocalist and second guitarist. He is a vastly experienced musician and provides great rock, pop and ballad vocals. Alan is the very talented lead guitarist for the Croydon based function band. He has an ear for 50’s and 60’s music and even loves to build his own guitars. Tom is the function band organiser. He is the bass guitarist, using a Hofner violin bass and is also the second vocalist. Tom is again a vastly experienced musician, is well travelled and a Beatles and Eagles fan. Jon plays keyboards. He is highly skilled and adds dimension to the function band. Jon is also the third vocalist. John is the function band drummer. He has superb timing and keeps the music tight.

"a function band that provides
quality musicianship
with smart presentation..."

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